Strategic Research Award

The goals of the Strategic Research Award (SRA) program are to foster health services research and patient-oriented research in sleep medicine, to improve patients’ outcomes and to demonstrate value. Awards are often focused on specific topic areas that will advance the field of sleep medicine.

Previous topics include: the use of telemedicine to deliver care, the value of a board-certified sleep medicine physician, and projects related to the following topics:  circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, hypopnea scoring criteria, pediatric sleep-disordered breathing, collaborative care models across specialties, telemedicine specifically for sleep-disordered breathing, and treatments for narcolepsy and other disorders of hypersomnia.

The Strategic Research Award program is organized into two categories to allow flexibility and a range of funding opportunities to potential applicants:

  • Category I is for those applicants seeking funding for projects up to $250,000 and covers a project period of up to three years.
  • Category II is for those applicants seeking funding for projects up to $100,000 and covers a project period of up to two years.

The funds can be used for research expenses such as salary support (commensurate with current stipends or salaries), supplies, participant costs and institutional overhead. There are no restrictions on the distribution of expenses, however, indirect costs are capped at 8%. The award is a contract between the AASM Foundation and the awardee’s institution.

  • The applicant must possess a master’s level degree or higher.
  • The applicant must have access to the necessary resources (including the proposed patient population), facilities, and other resources needed to perform the proposed work.
  • We encourage applicants to be members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • Applicants outside the US are eligible to apply; however, payment of award funds must be accepted by the institution in US dollars.
  • Applicants who are the Principal Investigator on a currently-funded AASM Foundation Strategic Research Award are not eligible to apply. Individuals who are listed as key personnel on an active AASM Foundation award, but are not the Principal Investigator, are also eligible to apply.
    (Note: In all cases, the applicant must clearly demonstrate the lack of overlap between the funded AASM Foundation project and the proposed work and demonstrate that the individual’s budgeted and actual percent time/effort involved in the two awards are appropriate and non-overlapping.)

Please note that the AASM Foundation will not fund ongoing projects that are currently funded by another awarding body, and the investigator or organization will be required to make a statement to this effect prior to execution of the contract. These awards are also not intended to supplement ongoing work, for example, for enrolling additional subjects into an ongoing trial. In some circumstances, the AASM Foundation will consider requests for matching funds for projects that require such funds by another awarding body if there is indication that the other award is to be given, pending matching funds.

A Letter of Intent is required prior to submission of a full application. Applicants will then be notified whether they will be invited to submit a full application.  If the LOI is not approved, the applicant may not apply for the award.

The following criteria will be considered in determining whether the applicant will be invited to submit a full application for consideration:

  1. Topical responsiveness (applications that do not address one of the requested topic areas will not be considered)
  2. Potential impact/significance and innovation
  3. Feasibility of the planned research within the SRA-1 mechanism
  4. Overall quality of the methods and analytic plan
  5. Expertise and experience of the investigators and other key personnel conducting the proposed work

Please note that the information submitted in the LOI (e.g., category, key personnel, domain) is final and those invited to submit a full application will be bound by the content of their approved LOI unless a modification was specifically requested or approved by the AASM Foundation.

For individuals who submit a full application, an Award Review Committee will evaluate and score all submitted application. Factors that will be taken into consideration include the applicant’s experience, availability of resources necessary to complete the study, feasibility and scientific merit of the research plan, environment, responsiveness to current request for applications, appropriateness of the proposed research to the mission of the AASM Foundation, and the anticipated relationship between the funds provided and expected outcomes.

Only materials submitted within the application will be used in the evaluation of applications. The AASM Foundation Executive Committee will submit funding recommendation to the AASM Foundation Board of Directors based on the Award Review Committee scores. The AASM Foundation Board of Directors will make the final funding decisions.

Category I Awards:

Payment #1 – Upon execution of contract 50%
Payment #2 – At project midpoint after approval of Progress Report 40%
Payment #3 – Upon receipt and approval of Final Report 10%

Category II Awards:

Payment #1 – Upon execution of contract 90%
Payment #2 – Upon receipt and approval of Final Report 10%

If unique circumstances are explained in the budget justification of the applicant’s proposal, the Board of Directors will consider requests for an alternate payment schedule, with a maximum variance of 10%. Reallocation of funds <10% do not require approval.

Applicants are expected to address the specific aims as described in the application. Major modification of the proposed aims requires AASM Foundation Board of Directors or Executive Committee approval.

The expected results and deliverables should be clearly stated in the application. The applicant must submit progress and final reports during the project period, describing project activities and results, as outlined below. Failure to meet the deliverables or submit progress or final reports may result in termination of project funding.

Progress Reports Every six months
Final Report Within 90 days of award completion

Outcomes evaluation is an essential component of this award. All proposals must identify the goals and appropriate outcomes measures of the research. The outcomes should align with the goals and objectives stated in the applicant’s proposal for this award. The AASM Foundation intends that the research funded by this award will lead to the publication of original research in peer-reviewed journals.

If using human or animal subjects, the applicant will be responsible for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and use Committee (IACUC) approval. The IRB or IACUC letter of approval for the specified project must be on file with the AASM Foundation office prior to the execution of the contract. No funds will be released for the project without receipt of written approval by an IRB or IACUC. Failure to obtain IRB or IACUC approval will result in retraction of the award.

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