The American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation (AASM Foundation) has several different programs in addition to award funding. Additional information about each program can be accessed by clicking the links below. Complete details on deadlines, topic areas (if applicable) and links to the LOI or application forms can be found under the Current Awards section when the award is open for applications.

Current Awards

Community Sleep Health Award

The Community Sleep Health Award is intended to support a wide range of projects spearheaded by community leaders and/or interprofessional individuals (educators, researchers, practitioners, students) who are dedicated to addressing sleep health needs in the community and sustaining population sleep well-being.

Strategic Research Award: AASM Strategic Plan Goals

This is a focused request for applications (RFA) open to topic areas related to the following American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Strategic Plan goals: Public Awareness, Technology Innovation and Advocacy to Improve Patient Care.

Strategic Research Award: Behavioral and Psychological Treatments for Chronic Insomnia Disorder

This is a focused request for applications (RFA) open to projects which address research gaps in the behavioral and psychological treatment of chronic insomnia that were identified by the AASM Behavioral & Psychological Treatments for Insomnia Clinical Practice Guideline Task Force.

Young Investigators Research Forum

The Young Investigators Research Forum is designed to aid the career development of promising young investigators in clinical and translational sleep medicine research. Successful applicants will be selected based on past research productivity and future promise in sleep medicine research.

Research Awards

Open to sleep medicine investigators, awards support Career Development and Investigator-Initiated sleep research projects. Learn more about the available awards.

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Community Awards

Open to community leaders and organizations paving the way for improving sleep health locally. Additionally, assistance is available to aid sleep centers in wake of natural disasters. Learn more about the available awards.

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Training Awards

Open to the next generation of sleep investigators and sleep medicine specialists, these awards provide focused training in sleep research and support sleep medicine fellowship slots at risk of losing funding. Learn more about the available awards.

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