Frequently Asked Questions

Award Application Process

Award Eligibility

We encourage applicants to be members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, however, it is not required.

Individuals may apply for multiple AASM Foundation Career Development Awards (CDA) (e.g. Focused Projects Award for Junior Investigators, ABSM Junior Faculty Award, Bridge to Success for Early Investigators, Bridge to Success Award for Mid-Career/Senior Investigators, Physician Scientist Training Award) but may only hold one active CDA at a time.

  • For Strategic Research Awards, applicants who are the Principal Investigator on a currently-funded AASM Foundation Strategic Research Award are not eligible to apply. However, individuals who are listed as key personnel on an active AASM Foundation award, but are not the Principal Investigator, are eligible to apply.
  • For career development awards (except for the Bridge to Success award for mid-career/senior investigators), individuals who have received an AASM Foundation SRA I or II as the PI are not eligible to apply

You may contact the AASM Foundation national office at with any questions about eligibility. We encourage potential applicants to contact us early in the application process with questions. Eligibility questions may need to be reviewed by a member of the AASM Foundation Executive Committee, so please allow for at least a 1 week response time for eligibility questions.

Completing and Submitting Award Applications

When a request for applications is announced, applicants must submit their application online through an AASM Foundation Grant Request.

LOIs must be submitted and approved by the AASM Foundation Board of Directors for all Strategic Research Awards.

An authorized representative from a University’s Sponsored Projects, Grants or Awards Management Office or Awards Research Administration Office. This excludes departmental officials, such as the Departmental Chair or Division Chief. The Applicant Sponsoring Organization Page can be found here.

The individual who will handle the contract negotiations for the institution.

The mentor plan should include the background and level of experience of the mentor, description of the research environment, skills taught to the investigator during the award period, time commitment of the mentor, and methods used to monitor the applicant and the progress of the research.

Key personnel include mentors, co-investigators and others who contribute to the scientific development or execution of the project in a substantive, measurable way, whether or not they receive compensation.

Indirect costs include taxes, administrative costs, personnel, security, etc. These costs are not directly related to the salary, or supplies needed to conduct a study.

Non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to salary. Examples include housing, reimbursement, insurance, etc.

The indirect costs are included in the total award funding for each award category. The indirect and direct costs combined cannot exceed the total award amount (i.e. $75,000). The indirect costs cannot exceed 8% of the direct costs.

These could include materials, equipment, computer software, participant compensation, lab supplies, coordinator support, or space rental. The R&R Budget Form can be found here.

You may contact the AASM Foundation national office at with any questions about completing and submitting award applications. Please allow a minimum of two business days for a response. Please note that questions received within 48 hours of an application deadline may not be answered before the deadline.

Award Notification and Contracting

Notifications will be sent to each applicant informing them of the award decision. The specific date for each award notification can be found in the application.

An example of the award contract can be found here for reference. Please note that details of the specific contract sent to an awardee may vary from this example based on the award type.

Post-Award Process

Award Payment

The first payment will be distributed to the awardee’s institution upon receipt of an IRB approval naming the study/principal investigator for which Foundation funding has been awarded, and a fully signed award contract.

Awardees will receive up to three award payments depending upon the length of the project and total amount awarded. The first payment is in the form of a cash advance upon receipt of a signed award contract. The second and/or third payments are paid out upon receipt and approval of progress/final reports.

The percentage depends on the total amount of the award; typically, it is up to 10%.

The final payment will be distributed to the awardee’s institution upon receipt and approval of the final report from the principal investigator which must include a detailed accounting of all expenses.

Yes. Any funds not used by the principal investigator for the purpose of the research project must be returned to the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to audit any institution that received award funding. The sponsoring institution is required to retain all records and reports related to the award contract for a period of three years from the date of the end of the contract term.

Award Extensions

A one-time, no-cost extension, which shall not exceed 12 months, may be requested if additional time beyond the established expiration date of the award is required to assure adequate completion of the research project. Additional extensions will not be permitted.

The principal investigator is responsible for requesting an extension in writing to the AASM Foundation. The request must include the following:

  • Scientific justification, including progress to date
  • Length of extension requested
  • Plan for use of funds during extension period
  • Accounting and explanation of the funding already received

Reporting Requirements

The information that needs to be included in the progress report can be found here for reference.

The information that needs to be included in the final report can be found here for reference.

Foundation Acknowledgement

Foundation funding can be acknowledged as follows: “This research was made possible by award (enter #) from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation.”

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