Sleep medicine is an ever-changing field, and the American Sleep Medicine Foundation is making changes to stay at the forefront of sleep research! We’ve taken on a new name: We are now the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation (AASM Foundation). This new name reaffirms our investment of $12 million into science and research that benefits the members of the AASM.

In addition, you may have noticed our website got a major makeover. It’s been redesigned with a more streamlined look for easier navigation. Read about projects we fund, apply for current awards, and donate to support the AASM Foundation. We rely on contributions to help us achieve our goals of improving care for patients with sleep disorders and helping advance the careers of investigators in sleep medicine and research.

We also have a new social media presence to go along with our new identity. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Join the conversation and get to know the AASM Foundation.

We appreciate your support!