2017 Focused Projects Award

Dr. Levenson is a Clinical Psychologist and faculty member within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. She is also affiliated with the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Health within the Department of Pediatrics, and she conducts clinical work within the Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health. Dr. Levenson joined the faculty after completing a federally-funded postdoctoral program on Translational Research Training in Sleep Medicine. She has recently been awarded a K23 award by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, as well as a Focused Projects Award from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation (AASM Foundation), both of which focus on the development and testing of a sleep-focused intervention program for adolescents. Her clinical interest focus on mood disorders, interpersonal relationships, and sleep.

Development of a Targeted Intervention for Insufficient Sleep Among Typically-Developing Adolescents

This study aims to involve various stakeholders (e.g., youth, parents, clinicians, administrators, and adolescent health advocates) in the design and initial assessment of the acceptability and feasibility of a sleep promotion program delivered to 13-15 year olds who report insufficient sleep. In Aim 1, we will use qualitative methods to obtain and analyze feedback from focus groups of key stakeholders (n=3 groups) and a stakeholder advisory board. In Aim 2, we will conduct a case series (n=3) to further develop the intervention and begin to examine the feasibility and acceptability of the program.

Updated March 29, 2018