We are now accepting letters of intent for the 2024 Strategic Research Grant: Dissemination and Implementation Research. The AASM Foundation will support dissemination and implementation sleep research projects focused on these research domains:

  1. Dissemination and Implementation of AASM Clinical Practice Standards

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) publishes various evidence-based practice standards, such as clinical practice guidelines, clinical guidance statementsposition statements, and consensus statements and papers. Research must focus on strategies that increase the accessibility, usefulness, and uptake of the AASM’s evidence and recommendations among targeted end-users, such as clinicians, patients, caregivers, decision makers and healthcare stakeholders.

  1. Dissemination and Implementation of Research Findings from Funded AASM Foundation Research Projects

The AASM Foundation is committed to moving evidence generated from AASM Foundation-funded projects into practice to improve the diagnosis and care for people with sleep disorders. Research must focus on strategies that facilitate the uptake of AASM Foundation-funded research project findings in real-world practice settings and targeted populations. The proposal can be submitted by the original AASM Foundation-funded research project investigator or by an individual investigator with support from the original investigator whose findings are being disseminated or implemented in the project proposal.

Letters of intent are due October 23, 2023. For full information on eligibility and this funding opportunity, visit: https://foundation.aasm.org/strategic-research-award/