Our Career Development Grants provide a helping hand to people pursuing careers in sleep and circadian science.

We are accepting applications for the following grants through Monday, July 29, 2024.

Focused Projects Grant for Junior Investigators

Provides seed funding for mentored research projects to jumpstart an investigator’s career. Special categories include pediatric sleep, the National Sleep Research Resource, and a general option to explore unanswered scientific questions.

Diversity Supplement Grant

Funds mentored sleep and circadian research training for  traditionally underrepresented people in United States science.

Bridge to Success Grant for Early Career Investigators

Supports investigators at a critical juncture in their career when bridge funding can determine whether a promising sleep and circadian scientist stays in the sleep field or moves to a different career track.

Bridge to Success Grant for Mid-Career/Senior Investigators

Created to help independent investigators stay in the sleep and circadian science field by providing bridge funding for research while the recipient re-applies for additional external funding.

Physician Scientist Training Grant

Invests in early career physicians and investigators committed to pursuing a research career in basic, translational, clinical, or population sleep and circadian science by providing a protected research training experience for a mentored research project.

If you have questions about our grant programs, please call 630.737.9778 or email foundation@aasm.org.