The AASM Foundation is thrilled to announce the recipient of our 2023 Sleep Champion Award.

Save Standard Time (SST), was nominated for the 2023 Sleep Champion Award by AASM member, Karin Johnson, MD. This merit-based award celebrates successful community-based sleep health services and education provided by non-profit organizations.

Mr. Jay Pea founded Save Standard Time and the organization advocates for permanently restoring Standard Time and ending Daylight Saving Time (DST). Permanent Standard Time allows us to sleep later for health, mood, safety, and education. Last year, the AASM Foundation approved a grant request from Save Standard Time to produce a series of popular videos on social media that explain the effects of DST.

Mr. Pea was honored to receive this award stating, “Thank you for this great honor! All of us at Save Standard Time, from our board members to our volunteers and supporters, are thrilled to learn our organization was awarded the AASM Foundation’s Sleep Champion Award.”

Dr. Karin Johnson nominated Save Standard Time, and her nomination discussed how, “Jay Pea has brought together and rallies the efforts of scientists, physicians and other advocates and has focused on understanding the science and increasing public education. His testimony has been critical in stopping state bills and growing support and bills for permanent Standard Time.”

When AASM Foundation President, Dr. Anita Shelgikar, announced the recipient of the award she said, “the AASM Foundation is honored to present the 2023 Sleep Champion Award to Save Standard Time. This organization works tirelessly to champion public policies that support better sleep, health and well-being for all of our communities.”