The AASM Foundation is committed to improving the sleep health of the community through its vision of creating Healthier Lives through Better Sleep. On July 8, 2019, the AASM Foundation launched a new award program targeted at improving sleep health at the community level: the Community Sleep Health Award.

The Community Sleep Health Award is intended to support a wide range of projects spearheaded by community leaders and/or interprofessional individuals such as educators, researchers, practitioners, and students who are dedicated to addressing sleep health needs in the community and sustaining population sleep well-being. Community level projects and initiatives that will be considered under this award mechanism include:

  1. Development and/or dissemination of sleep health education, promotion and awareness.
  2. Implementation of evidence-based screening, diagnosis and interventions for sleep disorders.
  3. Training of inter-disciplinary professionals and community leaders in sleep health.
  4. Service projects and initiatives for improving sleep health.

To meet the immediate sleep health needs in the community, the Community Sleep Health Award will accept letters of intent from community leaders year-round and invite individuals to submit a competitive application. The Community Sleep Health Award will provide funds of $5,000 to $20,000 for up to one year.

Ready to make a positive impact on sleep health within your local community? Please visit the Community Sleep Health Award webpage for eligibility requirements and more information.