In 2020, the faculty at the University of Miami (UM) Miller School of Medicine and Miami VA Healthcare System joined together to make a special $1,600 donation to honor three fellows when they completed their year-long sleep medicine fellowship program.

This year, the AASM Foundation encouraged all faculty in sleep medicine and research programs to join us in recognizing 2021 graduating sleep medicine fellows, trainees and others by contributing to our special Honor Graduates and Faculty Campaign.

We are thrilled to announce that the following campaign participants made contributions to honor their sleep medicine fellows and faculty.

Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Carol Rosen, MD

In recognition of fellow:

Moshe Prero, MD

Duke University School of Medicine

Andrew Spector, MD

In recognition of fellows:

Marjorie Kilgore, MD

Ashley Miller, MD

Emory University School of Medicine

Joanne Shirine Allam, MD

Barry Fields, MD

Lynn Marie Trotti, MD, MSc

In recognition of fellows:

Syed Gilani, MD

Meredith Greer, MD

Nittu Singh, MD

Andrew Upchurch, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Stephanie Stahl, MD

In recognition of fellow:

Mohammed Jomha, MD

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester)

Eric Olson, MD

Kannan Ramar, MD

In recognition of Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program Director:

Meghna Mansukhani, MD

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Miami VA Healthcare System

Alexandre Abreu, MD

Kori Ascher, DO

Alejandro Chediak, MD

Hao Cheng, MD

Salim Dib, MD

Diane Lim, MD

Naresh Punjabi, MD

Alberto Ramos, MD, MSPH

Shirin Shafazand, MD, MS

Douglas Wallace, MD

In recognition of fellows:

Andres Martinez Chacon, MD

Moe Zaw, MD

University of Michigan Medicine

Anita Shelgikar, MD, MHPE

In recognition of fellows:

Abdullah Arjomand, MD

Rahul Dasgupta, MD

Lulu Guo, MD

Marri Horvat, MD, MS

Syed Kamal Nasser, MD

Subhendu Rath, MBBS

Stephanie Meyer Tarnacki, MD

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Safwan Badr, MD

James Rowley, MD

In recognition of fellows:

Noman Ahmed, MD

Emad Alkhankan, MD

Xinyu Cao, DO

Michael Hill, MD

Madiha Khan, MD

Tanureet Kochar, MD

University of Washington Medicine

Vishesh Kapur, MD, MPH

In recognition of fellows:

Ankit Amin, MD

Jeremy Chan, MD

Vidhi Kapoor, MD

In recognition of faculty:

Lourdes Del Rosso, MD

Brian Palen, MD