The Community Sleep Health and Public Awareness Grant supports a wide range of projects and initiatives dedicated to addressing sleep health needs in local, national, or global communities.

The AASM Foundation is pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2023 Community Sleep Health and Public Awareness Grant.

Glenna Brewster, PhD, RN, FNP-BC
Assistant Professor
Emory University
SEPAC: Providing Sleep Education to Predominantly Black/African American Congregations
The goals of the project are to educate congregants of predominantly Black/African American churches about the basics of sleep, teach some behavior techniques to improve sleep, discuss how sleep disorders are evaluated and diagnose and screen attendees for prevalent sleep disorders and provide recommendations for follow-up as needed.

Grace Vincent, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Central Queensland University

Sally Ferguson, PhD
Director and Research Professor

Healthy from the Start: Co-Designing Sleep Health Resources for Young Shift Workers
The goals of the project are too collaborate with young shift workers to develop evidence-based resources for healthy sleep. To Produce a foundational set of engaging resources for young shift workers that are freely available and accessible. Finally, to Facilitate early access to health-related information for shift workers, to improve their health and well-being.

Monica Mallampalli, PhD
Alliance of Sleep Apnea Partners
Identify Gaps and Concerns within the Sleep Apnea Community and Provide Actionable Grassroots Support to Bridge Gaps in Care
The goals of the project are to establish Alliance of Sleep Apnea Partners (ASAP) as a patient-oriented and patient-focused advocacy organization driven to represent the needs of the sleep apnea patient community. Also, to highlight important gaps within the patient community (directly resulting from the FD recall) as well as identifying additional ongoing gaps in patient services, support, and care that exist apart from the recall. Finally, to develop an advocacy hub (or web platform) on ASAP’s website to host relevant policy-related information, specific actions, and toolkits to help patients find their voice as an advocate and further facilitate their engagement with ASAP and its stakeholders.

Judith Owens, MD, MPH
Boston Children’s Hospital
A Bedtime Story Book
The goals of the project that are associated with access to a culturally-relevant bedtime book include 1) increased knowledge of sleep health principles in both children and caregivers; 2) increased incorporation of regular bedtime routines that also focus on caregiver-child interactions and reading (compared to electronics use), and 3) improvements in children’s sleep duration and quality.