The AASM Foundation is pleased to welcome Avadel as the lead sponsor of the 13th annual Young Investigators Research Forum. This annual research training program is designed to position the participants for successful careers in circadian and sleep research.

Since the sleep field is multidisciplinary, the program emphasizes the importance of collaboration and networking while providing workshops and seminars that will give participants the necessary skills to navigate the challenges and realities of advancing a career in sleep and circadian science.

“Avadel is delighted to join the AASM Foundation in its mission to provide educational resources and training to further develop the research careers of sleep scientists, including the 24 outstanding trainees of the Young Investigators Research Forum 2021,” said Jennifer Gudeman, PharmD, Vice President of Medical and Clinical Affairs at Avadel. “Research in sleep health is critical to improving the overall wellbeing of people living with sleep disorders, including narcolepsy. Avadel is proud to support and invest in the next generation of sleep specialists, empowering them to advance this important field of medicine.”

AASM Foundation President, Anita V. Shelgikar, MD, MHPE, added, “We welcome Avadel’s support of the Young Investigators Research Forum 2021, and we appreciate their commitment to investing in the future of sleep research and sleep medicine. Avadel’s contributions directly support the AASM Foundation’s efforts to establish new awards and initiatives that promote discoveries to advance the understanding of sleep for healthier lives.”

This year’s cohort of trainees come from a diverse array of scientific backgrounds. Trainees will gain the necessary skills for a productive and successful research career by learning about various funding opportunities, refining their research ideas into fundable projects, experiencing the ins and outs of the grant review process, and gaining the confidence needed for thriving in academia and sleep research. By working alongside luminaries in the field of sleep research, Young Investigators Research Forum trainees will develop a deeper understanding of their role in shaping the future of sleep mechanisms and creating sleep health solutions from the bench to be implemented at the bedside and beyond.

To learn more about the Young Investigators Research Forum 2021, please visit our special program page.