We’d like to welcome Dr. Cathy Goldstein as the AASM Foundation’s first Guest Social Media Curator! Over the next few weeks, she will be sharing engaging content on our Instagram account, so be sure to give us a follow at @aasmfoundation.

Dr. Goldstein completed her sleep medicine fellowship at Northwestern University and has practiced sleep medicine since 2010, both in the community and, for the last six years, at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center where she is currently an Associate Professor of Neurology.

Her current research focus, through work with the mathematics department, is the improvement of ambulatory sleep tracking via algorithm development and validation using raw data from the Apple Watch. Additionally, she collaborates with gastrointestinal and reproductive endocrinology specialists, to evaluate the role of sleep quality and duration in other conditions.

Dr. Goldstein has a passion for teaching and her educational roles have included University of Michigan athletes, trainers, and coaches and medical school faculty and house officers. She has helped to spread sleep health and wellness to the general public through pieces in numerous media outlets.

She enjoys volunteering for the AASM Foundation (Foundation Development Council member), the AASM (Technology Presidential Committee member and chair of the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee), as well as editorial responsibilities for both UpToDate and the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

In her free time, Dr. Goldstein loves shopping, exercising, watching college football (despite the unfortunate turn of events this bowl season), and most importantly, spending time with her two sons and husband.

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