Young Investigators Research Forum

This career-building research retreat brings together early career investigators and renowned sleep investigators. The research forum provides guidance, tactics and strategies to better position early career investigators for a successful career in research.

2015 YIRF Young Investigators and Faculty

Sabra Abbott, MD, PhD Northwestern University
Kimberly Allen, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
Christelle Anaclet, PhD Harvard University
Daniel Barone, MD Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine
Todd Bishop, PhD Syracuse University
Janeese Brownlow, PhD Delaware State University
Philip Cheng, PhD Henry Ford Health System
Daniel Combs, MD University of Arizona
Lauren Daniel, PhD Rutgers University
Raj Dedhia, MD University of Washington
Christopher Depner, PhD Emory University
Lucas Donovan, MD University of Washington
Chandra Jackson, PhD Harvard University
Kate Kaplan, PhD Stanford University
Daniel Kay, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Melissa Lipford, MD Mayo Clinic
Anna May, MD University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Andrew McHill, PhD Harvard Medical School
Omar Mesarvi, MD Johns Hopkins University
Karoline Moon, MD Johns Hopkins University
Gemma Paech, PhD Washington University
Matthew Pava, PhD National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
Mike Prerau, PhD Harvard University
Mirja Quante, MD Harvard University
Michelle Rissling, PhD Durham VA Medical Center
Adriane Soehner, PhD University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Yeonsu Song, PhD, RN, FNP-C Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Hannah Taylor, PhD Rush University
Kimberly Truong, MD University of California – Irvine
William Vanderheyden, PhD University of Michigan
Sanjay Patel, MD (Chair) University of Pittsburgh
Katherine Sharkey, MD, PhD (Vice Chair) Brown University
Daniel Buysse, MD University of Pittsburgh
Christopher O’Donnell, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Ruth O’Hara, PhD Stanford University
Alberto Ramos, MD University of Miami
Susan Redline, MD Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Mark Rosekind, PhD National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Sai Parthasarathy, MD University of Arizona
James Wyatt, PhD Rush University

The Young Investigators Research Forum consists of didactic presentations, workshops, and small group sessions covering scientific writing and stewardship, opportunities for funding and collaboration, navigating the academic environment, and networking. As active participants, early career investigators will have the opportunity to present their current research, provide feedback on each other’s research proposals and review a grant.

The Young Investigators Research Forum is held in-person with webinars done prior to and after the 3-day in-person meeting at Bethesda, Maryland. The program is subject to change as plans for the research forum are finalized.

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