Young Investigators Research Forum

This career-building research retreat brings together early career investigators and renowned sleep investigators. The research forum provides guidance, tactics and strategies to better position early career investigators for a successful career in research.

2017 YIRF Young Investigators

Kelley Baumgartel, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Nicole Bowles, PhD
The Rockefeller University

Glenna Brewster, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Ryan Brindle, PhD

Diego Carvalho, MD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Yoon Hee Chang, MD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Carleara da Rosa Silva, PhD
State University of New York

Zarmina Ehsan, MBBS
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Vijay Ekambaram, MD
Harvard Medical School

Sarah Farabi, PhD
University of Colorado – Denver

Umesh Goswami, MBBS
University of Minnesota

Karin Johnson, MD
University of Massachusetts – Baystate

Kam Korey, PhD
Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, MBBS
Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center

Alejandra Lastra, MD
Rush University Medical Center

Ashlee McKeon, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Imran Patel, DMD
Mayo Clinic

Salma Patel, MD
Mayo Clinic

Sarah Patel, MD
University of Washington

Aliaksandr Ramaniuk, DO
Riverside Methodist Hospital

Jessica Schubert, PhD
University of Michigan Medical School

Vaishal Shah, MD
Cleveland Clinic

David Smith, MD, PhD
Cincinnati’s Children Hospital

Isabella Soreca, MD
University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Tucker, PhD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Christa Van Dort, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Emerson Wickwire, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Ariel Williamson, PhD
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Qian Xiao, PhD
University of Iowa

Katherine M. Sharkey, MD, PhD (Chair) Brown University
Lynn Marie Trotti, MD (Vice Chair) Emory University
M. Safwan Badr, MD Wayne State University
Martica Hall, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Jason C. Ong, PhD Northwestern University
Sai Parthasarathy, MD University of Arizona
Ronald Szymusiak, PhD UCLA
Kenneth P. Wright Jr., PhD University of Colorado-Boulder
Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD Northwestern University

The Young Investigators Research Forum consists of didactic presentations, workshops, and small group sessions covering scientific writing and stewardship, opportunities for funding and collaboration, navigating the academic environment, and networking. As active participants, early career investigators will have the opportunity to present their current research, provide feedback on each other’s research proposals and review a grant.

The Young Investigators Research Forum is held in-person with webinars done prior to and after the 3-day in-person meeting at Bethesda, Maryland. The program is subject to change as plans for the research forum are finalized.

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