2020 Community Sleep Health and Public Awareness Grant

George Nierenberg
GTN Creative, LLC

Key Project Outcomes

For the estimated 1 billion people worldwide with sleep apnea, the disorder presents much more than a
noisy inconvenience while sleeping. With health impacts ranging from depression to dementia,
hypertension to heart attacks and in some cases even premature death, sleep apnea is a public health
epidemic that needs immediate action.

OUT OF BREATH intends to center public attention on the severity of sleep apnea. This documentary,
the first ever to cover the topic of sleep apnea, shines the spotlight on the self-filmed stories of people
who suffer from the disease. Under the guidance of award-winning director George Nierenberg, patients document their day-to-day struggles living with sleep apnea on video. In this way, the film exposes how
this disorder impacts the lives of millions medically, emotionally, and socially. With the support from this grant, OUT OF BREATH will spread awareness of sleep apnea upon its release and will empower
patients to seek proper treatment. This funded project additionally will motivate healthcare professionals to dedicate greater resources to sleep apnea research and treatment.