Medical Residents and Advanced Practice Providers Perceptions in Managing Perioperative Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Multi-Institutional Survey

2019 Focused Projects Grant for Junior Investigators

M. Melanie Lyons, PhD, MSN

The Ohio State University

Key Project Outcomes

Physicians-in-training (fellows, residents) and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are increasingly the front-line clinical providers in managing patients in the peri-operative period. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) represents a major risk factor for complications in the perioperative period and failure to identify and manage perioperative OSA has led to adverse postoperative outcomes. This survey found that approximately one-third of participants were not routinely asking elective surgery patients about OSA risk. Slightly more than half (50.9%) felt that they were adequately trained to assess for OSA and only 38% felt adequately trained to assess for OSA in the perioperative patient. Over 75% desired additional education regarding OSA and a similar number desired additional education on OSA in the perioperative patient. This represents a provider perceived knowledge gap and educational opportunity to improve provider knowledge, practice patterns and patient care outcomes. Our study is the first of its kind: large scale multi-institutional, multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary study with aims to investigate the current perceptions and understanding of OSA/perioperative OSA from a wide clinical net of physicians-in-training and APPs in the United States.



Perceptions of the Need for Perioperative OSA Education: An Interdisciplinary and Multi-Institutional Survey