Improving Screening for Sleep Disorders in Children with Epilepsy Among Pediatric Providers

2017 Focused Projects Grant – Educational


Key Project Outcomes

The purpose of the study was to evaluate if providing sleep education improves screening and thereby, diagnosis of sleep disorders among physicians. We also evaluated two different forms of educational methods – Oral presentation and Article review. The participants showed improved knowledge of sleep disorders after the education about sleep disorders. They also reported improved screening for sleep disorders in their practice. Both educational methods were similar in-terms improving knowledge about sleep disorders and screening practice for sleep disorders among participants. However, when specific area of knowledge was considered, oral presentation group learned better for the sleep disorders in epilepsy area. Participants who were already screening for sleep disorders prior to the study were most likely to improve screening after the education for sleep disorders.

Meeting Abstracts


Sleep Education Improves Screening for Sleep Disorders Among Physicians and Residents in Primary Care and Neurology Specialties