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Sleep is a pillar of cardiometabolic health. Sleep disorders have shown to be a risk factor for cardiometabolic diseases, and sleep providers need to understand latest scientific advances made to better characterize the risk associated with abnormal sleep duration, timing and quality on cardiometabolic outcomes. Join the AASM Foundation at SLEEP 2023 for a special session on sleep and cardiometabolic health titled:

S-17 Sleep and Cardiometabolic Health: Results from Funded AASM Foundation Grants on Wednesday, June 7, 2023; 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m ET.


  • Sleep Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease: Current State of Evidence presented by Neomi Shah, MD
  • Markers of Subclinical Cardiac Pathology and Atherosclerotic Progression in Insomnia Disorder presented by Megan Petrov, PhD
  • Utility of Cardiometabolic Imaging in OSA and Sleep Disorders presented by Vaishnavi Kundel, MD
  • The Role of OSA Symptom Subtypes and Novel PSG Biomarkers in Predicting CV Risk presented by Diego Mazzotti, PhD
  • Impact of High CPAP Adherence on Cardiovascular Outcomes Among Medicare Beneficiaries with Obstructive Sleep Apnea presented by Jennifer Albrecht, PhD

In this session, speakers will present their research findings from their funded American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation grants that focus on the impact of sleep and circadian rhythms on cardiometabolic disorders. The presentations will cover markers of early cardiac and vascular disease in insomnia and sleep apnea followed by endophenotypes of sleep apnea and impact of CPAP on cardiovascular and healthcare utilization outcomes.

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