Community Sleep Health Grant

Next Issue Date: March 6, 2023
Letter of Intent Due Date: First Monday of each month by 11:59pm ET*
Invitations to Submit Full Application Due Date: Within 1 month of letter of intent receipt*
Invited Application Due Date: First Monday of each month by 11:59pm ET*
Grant Selection Notification: 2 months after receipt of full application*
Period of Performance: 1 year
Amount of Grant: $5,000 to $20,000 per grant

View the full calendar for due dates here.

The AASM Foundation is committed to improving the sleep health of the community through its vision of creating Healthier Lives Through Better Sleep. The Community Sleep Health Grant is intended to support a wide range of projects spearheaded by community leaders and/or interprofessional individuals (educators, researchers, practitioners, students) who are dedicated to addressing sleep health needs in the community and sustaining population sleep well-being.

Community-level projects and initiatives that will be considered under this grant mechanism include, but are not limited to:

  1. Development and/or dissemination of sleep health education, promotion and awareness.
  2. Implementation of evidence-based screening, diagnosis and interventions for sleep disorders.
  3. Training of inter-disciplinary professionals and community leaders in sleep health.
  4. Service projects and initiatives for improving sleep health.

Traditional research projects will not be considered under this grant mechanism. We encourage applicants with research projects to consider applying for an AASM Foundation Research Grant.

This AASM Foundation grant is supported by AASM Foundation general funds.

The Community Sleep Health Grant provides funds for one year and can be for up to $20,000 per grant (includes direct and indirect costs). There are no restrictions on the distribution of expenses, however, indirect costs are capped at 8%. The award is issued as a contract between the AASM Foundation and the grantee’s organization. A sample contract is available here.

The following individuals are eligible to apply:

  • Leaders of a community-based organization, healthcare providers, individuals with doctoral or graduate degrees, and undergraduate, graduate, or professional students.
    Note: Funded grant applications from individuals will be issued as a contract with the individual’s organization, rather than directly with the individual.
  • A charitable organization (e.g., non-profit patient organizations) with tax exempt status, in collaboration with (an) individual(s) listed above, must be clearly identified in the application.
    Note: If the application is submitted by a non-profit community-based organization, there is no need to collaborate with an additional charitable organization.
  • We encourage applicants to be members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • Applicants outside the US are eligible to apply; however, payment of grant funds must be accepted by the organization in US dollars.
  • This grant is designed to support new projects or initiatives or to meaningfully expand existing programs. It is not designed to support ongoing operational aspects of existing programs.
  • Traditional research projects will not be considered under this grant mechanism. However, community-based participatory research projects as defined by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality will be considered under this grant mechanism.
  • Individuals or organizations who have a financial conflict of interest or have the potential to incur significant financial benefit from the proposed work and beyond the work itself are not eligible to apply.
  • Requests to support ongoing operational aspects of existing programs or requests for projects that do not meaningfully expand existing programs are not eligible.

Note: The project leader will be required to make a statement to this effect prior to execution of the contract.

The AASM Foundation encourages applicants to collaborate with other groups who wish to contribute to the proposed project/initiative.

This grant is a two-stage application process, in which a letter of intent (LOI) is required prior to submission of a full application.

Once the AASM Foundation reviews your letter of intent and confirms you may move forward with your proposal for the Community Sleep Health Grant, an application may be submitted. If the LOI is not approved by the AASM Foundation, the applicant may not apply for the grant.

Please note that the information submitted in the LOI (e.g., key personnel, organization(s)) is final and those invited to submit a full application will be bound by the content of their approved LOI unless a modification was specifically requested or approved by the AASM Foundation.

For an overview on how to write an effective LOI and application for the AASM Foundation Community Sleep Health Grant, please view the following resources:

Community Sleep Health Grant Letter of Intent Guide

For applicants who submit a LOI, the AASM Foundation will review all submitted LOIs. The following criteria will be considered in determining whether the applicant will be invited to submit a full application for consideration:

  1. Responsiveness: Responsiveness to sleep health community needs and inclusion of vulnerable and/or underserved populations.
  2. Strategic Alignment: Alignment of project with AASM Foundation Vision and Mission.
  3. Significance: Potential impact/significance and innovation of the project.
  4. Feasibility: Feasibility of the planned project.
  5. Project Leaders and Organization: Demonstrated ability of the project leaders and charitable organization to carry out the proposed work.

Once LOIs are reviewed, invitations will be sent out to applicants who have a favorably reviewed LOI so a full application may be submitted. For invited applicants who submit a full application, a grant review committee, appointed by the AASM Foundation Executive Committee, will evaluate and score all submitted applications. Factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  1. Significance: Strong premise of planned project in addressing sleep health need(s) in a specific community, improving sleep health, and have a prolonged impact on the community served.
  2. Project Personnel: Experience, training, and record of working together/accomplishments of project leader and key personnel.
  3. Approach: Project plan is well reasoned and appropriate to achieve goals of the project, benchmarks for success are clearly defined, and plan for measuring outcome success and metrics accurately measure project impact,
  4. Innovation: Project addresses an existing or emerging sleep health challenge in the community, and resources and assets are maximized to respond to an unmet sleep health need.
  5. Environment: Organizational support, equipment and resources needed to carry out project are adequate, the environment will contribute to probability of success, and collaboration and shared resources between organizations/key personnel a true join effort.

Only materials submitted within the application will be used in the evaluation of applications. The AASM Foundation Executive Committee will submit funding recommendation to the AASM Foundation Board of Directors based on the Grant Review Committee scores. The AASM Foundation Board of Directors will make the final funding decisions.

Payment #1 – Upon execution of contract 90%
Payment #2 – Upon receipt and approval of Final Report 10%

If unique circumstances are explained in the budget justification of the applicant’s proposal, the Board of Directors will consider requests for an alternate payment schedule, with a maximum variance of 10%.

Note: Once awarded, reallocation of funds of <10% do not require approval.

The AASM Foundation intends the Community Sleep Health Grant to provide funding for projects that will serve a targeted population and that there will be a measure of impact of the project on sleep health within the community.

Applicants are expected to address the aims as described in the application. Major modification of the proposed aims requires AASM Foundation Board of Directors or Executive Committee approval.

The expected results and deliverables should be clearly stated in the application. The applicant must submit progress and final reports during the project period, describing project activities and results, as outlined below. Failure to meet the deliverables or submit progress or final reports may result in termination of project funding.

Progress Reports Every six months
Final Report Within 90 days of award completion

Outcomes evaluation is an essential component of this grant. All proposals must identify the goals and appropriate outcomes measures of the project. The outcomes should align with the goals and objectives stated in the applicant’s proposal for this grant.

If the proposal is a project using human subjects, the applicant will be responsible for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. The IRB letter of approval for the specified project must be on file with the AASM Foundation office prior to the execution of the contract. No funds will be released for the project without receipt of written approval by an IRB. Failure to obtain IRB approval will result in retraction of the grant. If no IRB approval is required, the applicant must provide a statement indicating that the project is not research and does not require approval or determination.

We encourage potential applicants to contact us early in the application process with questions. Eligibility questions may need to be reviewed by a member of the AASM Foundation Executive Committee, so please allow for at least a 1-week response time for eligibility questions. For all other inquiries, please allow a minimum of two business days for a response. Please note that questions received within 48 hours of an application deadline may not be answered before the deadline.