AASM Foundation Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The AASM Foundation will be restructuring its Board of Directors and invites qualified individuals to nominate themselves or encourage others to be considered for seats that will open in 2022 on the AASM Foundation Board of Directors. Historically, the AASM Foundation and AASM share the same 12 Board of Directors but select different Presidents. Beginning June 2022, the AASM Foundation will move toward a 10-member Board of Directors with 4 non-AASM Board member positions open. Although there will not be complete overlap in leadership between the two organizations, it remains very important that the mission, vision, and strategic directions of the two organizations remain aligned.

See the Board of Directors Nomination Process FAQs for additional details.

2022-2023 Vacancies

There are four upcoming vacancies for at-large member seats on the Board of Directors. At-large member terms are for three years, and Directors are eligible for reappointment for no more than one additional consecutive term. *

*The first terms of the at-large members may be staggered, resulting in initial terms shorter than three years.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Set Organizational Direction
  • Ensure Necessary Resources
    • Ensure adequate financial resources
    • Enhance AASM Foundation’s public standing and advocate for the mission
    • Ensure the presence of a capable and responsible Board
  • Provide Oversight
    • Oversee financial management
    • Minimize exposure to risk
    • Measure progress against the strategic plan
    • Monitor and evaluate programs and services
    • Provide legal and moral oversight
  • Serve as Board liaison on assigned committees

Time Commitment

Serving on the AASM Foundation Board of Directors requires a substantial time commitment, including:

  • Required attendance at quarterly 2-4 hour virtual or in-person Board meetings*, including a 1-2-day strategic planning meeting in 2022. Additional conference calls may be required in between scheduled meeting dates.
  • Review of materials in advance of Board meetings (Board books can be 100+ pages)
  • If assigned a committee, attendance as Board liaison at meetings of the assigned committee, which typically meet monthly

*2022-23 AASM Foundation Board of Directors meetings occur in conjunction with AASM Board of Directors meetings.

Additional Information

The Board of Directors recently conducted a skills self-assessment and identified the following areas for growth for its leadership and would be particularly interested in nominees with knowledge in these areas:

  • Fundraising/Development Activities
  • Community Outreach
  • Public Health
  • Quality Improvement
  • Technology Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence

In addition, the AASM Foundation will undergo strategic planning in 2022 to build upon and refresh the goals set and the strategies implemented under the current strategic plan.

How to Nominate Yourself

  1. Evaluate the required time commitment and other responsibilities (see Board Nomination Process FAQs for details)
  2. Review the AASM Foundation Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy
  3. Complete the Nominee To-Do List by Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Nominee To-Do List:

  1. Complete sections 1-5 of the Board of Directors Interest Form and Questionnaire.
  2. Return your completed paperwork to Christen Whittington via email or fax:

How to Submit Your Nomination

The required documentation must be submitted to Christen Whittington at cwhittington@aasm.org by Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Nomination Process (What Happens Next)

The AASM Foundation Executive Committee meets to review the applications. They carefully consider all applications in relation to the special attributes of each nominee and diversity of the AASM Foundation Board of Directors to select the slate of candidates that represents an optimal balance of perspective, experience, and areas of expertise.

Upon completion of their deliberation, the names of the final candidates will be recommended to the AASM Board by the AASM Foundation Executive Committee for approval of appointment to the Board of Directors. Nominees will be notified of appointments in early May. Terms of service for new appointees to the AASM Foundation Board of Directors will commence in June at SLEEP 2022.