Next application cycle opens July 2019*

Scheduled Issue Date: July, 2019*
Scheduled Submission Due Date: September, 2019*
Scheduled Award Selection Notification: November 2019*

*Exact dates will be finalized when the request for applications is issued. All dates are subject to change by the AASM Foundation Board of Directors.

The Focused Projects Award – Humanitarian/Educational is investigator-initiated and intended to support projects across a wide variety of topics relevant to sleep medicine that align with the broad mission of the AASM Foundation. Humanitarian and Educational projects will be considered under this mechanism and each is defined below:

  1. Humanitarian projects address sleep problems in disadvantaged populations. Projects of this nature might include development or promotion of novel approaches to address human suffering in under-served populations related to inadequate or non-restorative sleep, or to sleep disorders in disadvantaged groups.
  2. Educational projects include research or other initiatives that may foster education and training in sleep medicine for medical students, residents and/or practicing physicians through curriculum reform and/or development of educational resources. Projects to improve public health through promotion of healthy sleep practices, increase awareness among primary care providers of sleep disorders and their consequences, or to improve outcomes in education or patient care through patient education will also be considered responsive.

The Focused Projects Award – Humanitarian/Education provides funds for one year and can be for up to $20,000 per award (includes direct and indirect costs). There are no restrictions on the distribution of expenses, however, indirect costs are capped at 8%. The award is a contract between the AASM Foundation and the awardee’s institution. The award is issued as a contract between the AASM Foundation and the awardee’s institution. A sample contract is available here.

The following individuals or non-profit organizations are eligible to apply:

  • Individuals such as physicians (MD, DO), psychologists, individuals with doctoral degrees (PhDs), advanced practice registered nurses, physicians’ assistants, or other health care providers/educators interested in sleep and sleep health.
    Note: Awards given in response to applications from individuals will be issued as a contract with the individual’s host institution, rather than directly to the individual
  • Charitable organizations (e.g., non-profit patient organizations) with tax exempt status, in collaboration with (an) individual(s) listed in #1 above, who must be clearly identified in the application
  • We encourage applicants to be members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • Applicants outside the US are eligible to apply; however, payment of award funds must be accepted by the institution in US dollars.

The AASM Foundation can also help match potential applicants with local sleep experts in accredited sleep centers, hospitals or universities. Please contact the AASM Foundation’s national office at least 30 days in advance of the application deadline for assistance.

Please note that the AASM Foundation will not fund ongoing projects that are currently funded by another awarding body, and the investigator or organization will be required to make a statement to this effect prior to execution of the contract. These awards are also not intended to supplement ongoing work, for example, for enrolling additional subjects into an ongoing trial.

An award review committee, appointed by the AASM Foundation Executive Committee, will evaluate and score all submitted applications. Factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  1. The applicant’s experience, availability of resources, and environment within the applicant’s institution/organization necessary to complete the work proposed within the Focused Projects award.
  2. Appropriateness of the proposed research to the mission of the AASM Foundation.
  3. The anticipated relationship between the funds provided and expected outcomes.

Only materials submitted within the application will be used in the evaluation of applications. The AASM Foundation Executive Committee will submit funding recommendations to the AASM Foundation Board of Directors based on the Award Review Committee scores. The AASM Foundation Board of Directors will make the final funding decisions.

Payment #1 – Upon execution of contract 90%
Payment #2 – Upon receipt and approval of Final Report 10%

If unique circumstances are explained in the budget justification of the applicant’s proposal, the Board of Directors will consider requests for an alternate payment schedule, with a maximum variance of 10%. Reallocation of funds of <10% do not require approval.

The AASM Foundation intends the Focused Projects Award to provide funding for projects that will serve a targeted population and that there will be a measure of the impact of the project on sleep, sleep habits, or access to care for sleep disorders within the target population. In addition, the Foundation expects that the humanitarian, educational and research efforts improve sleep health and are of value to sleep medicine providers and/or to patients with sleep disorders.

Applicants are expected to address the specific aims as described in the application. Major modification of the proposed aims requires AASM Foundation Board of Directors or Executive Committee approval.

The expected results and deliverables should be clearly stated in the application. The applicant must submit progress and final reports during the project period, describing project activities and results, as outlined below. Failure to meet the deliverables or submit progress or final reports may result in termination of project funding.

Progress Reports Every six months
Final Report Within 90 days of award completion

Outcomes evaluation is an essential component of this award. All proposals must identify the goals and appropriate outcomes measures of the research. The outcomes should align with the goals and objectives stated in the applicant’s proposal for this award. The AASM Foundation intends that the research funded by this award will lead to the publication of original research in peer-reviewed journals.

If using human or animal subjects, the applicant will be responsible for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and use Committee (IACUC) approval. The IRB or IACUC letter of approval for the specified project must be on file with the AASM Foundation office prior to the execution of the contract. No funds will be released for the project without receipt of written approval by an IRB or IACUC. Failure to obtain IRB or IACUC approval will result in retraction of the award.