Sleep Medicine Fellow Funding Award

Issue Date: November 9, 2020
Application Due Date: January 4, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. ET
Award Selection Notification: By April 23, 2021
Period of Performance: 1 year
Amount of Award: Up to $130,000 of support

The AASM Foundation is committed to achieving its strategic goal of expanding the field of sleep medicine with highly qualified researchers and clinicians, which also aligns with the strategic goal of the AASM to expand the sleep team workforce of the future to improve access to high-quality sleep care. To ensure that there is a healthy pipeline of board-certified sleep medicine physicians that can provide quality care for all patients who have a sleep or circadian disorder, the AASM Foundation provides funds to start or maintain a sleep medicine fellowship position in an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited program. The goal of this award is to provide funds for a one-year sleep medicine fellowship position, that was included in the National Resident Matching Program sleep medicine fellowship match.

The Sleep Medicine Fellow Funding Award provides funds for one year and can be up to $130,000 per award. This award is to provide funding for a sleep medicine fellowship position starting in 2022. Any other sources of funding for the position (division/department, industry, etc.) should be indicated in the application. The funds can be used for salary support and related expenses (benefits, etc.). The award is a contract between the AASM Foundation and the awardee’s organization, and funds must be used for the intended purpose.

The following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • The application must be submitted by a sleep medicine Program Director from an ACGME-accredited sleep medicine fellowship program that is in good standing.
    • If the sleep medicine fellowship program has citations, they must be disclosed in the application along with ACGME documentation of continued accreditation despite the citation(s). A plan for how the program is addressing the citation/s will also be required.
  • The application must be for a sleep medicine fellowship position that is one of the following:
    • Is at risk of losing funding
    • Previously lost funding
    • Has never been funded
    • Is a new position in the established sleep medicine fellowship program
  • Organizations may apply for funding during each application cycle; however, there is no guarantee of continued funding, and funding will generally not be provided for more than 2 consecutive years.
  • Sponsoring organizations and fellowship programs may only hold one active AASM Foundation Sleep Medicine Fellow Funding award at a time.
  • Sleep medicine fellowship position/s being closed due to citation issues will not be funded. Programs losing a fellowship position due to lack of funding that also have significant citations are not eligible to apply.

An award committee, appointed by the AASM Foundation Executive Committee, will evaluate and score all submitted applications. Factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  1. Funding: If applicable, description of past funding mechanisms for the sleep medicine fellowship position and avenues being pursued for current funding in addition to the Sleep Medicine Fellow Funding Award. If the sleep medicine fellowship position has never been funded, a description of any other avenues pursued for funding the position.
  2. Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program Profile: Description of (1) training received by sleep medicine fellows, (2) unique opportunities of the fellowship program, (3) strategies used to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in the fellowship program and (4) how the program prepares fellows to have successful and productive sleep medicine careers.
  3. Accreditation Status: Provide most recent ACGME-accreditation letter, including citations. If applicable, please note how citations are being addressed.
  4. Budget: Current budget for funding from award is well-justified and, if applicable, there is written confirmation that any additional funds to partially fund the sleep medicine fellowship position have been secured.

Since this award is intended to fully support a sleep medicine fellowship position, if additional external funds are received (e.g. VA, industry) to fully fund the sleep medicine fellowship position, the program director must notify the AASM Foundation and the following would apply:

  • If external funds are received between submission of the application and notification of award, the application must be voluntarily withdrawn from further consideration.
  • If external funds are received prior to distribution of AASM Foundation funds, AASM Foundation funds would not be released, and the award would be closed out with the AASM Foundation.
  • If external funds are received after distribution of AASM Foundation funds, the remaining Foundation funds should be returned, and the award would be closed out with the AASM Foundation once the funds are received back.

Additionally, if additional external funds that are not identified in the application are received (e.g. VA, industry) to further partially fund the sleep medicine fellowship position, the program director must notify the AASM Foundation and submit updated budget and budget justification documents indicating the amount of funds the program would need to retain to ensure full funding of the sleep medicine fellowship position.

Payment #1 – Upon execution of contract 100%

The AASM Foundation intends the Sleep Medicine Fellow Funding Award to aid sleep medicine fellowship programs by providing funds for a fellowship position that is at risk of losing funding, previously lost funding, has never been funded or is an expansion of an established sleep medicine fellowship program.

The expected results from receiving funding and deliverables should be clearly stated in the application. The program director must submit progress and final reports during the project period, describing activities and results, as outlined below. Failure to meet the deliverables or submit progress or final reports may result in the award organization being ineligible for any future funding from the AASM Foundation until the report(s) are submitted and approved.

Progress Reports Every six months
Final Report Within 90 days of award completion

Upon execution of the contract, the program director must submit a progress report at six months and final report within 90 days of award completion, both to include a financial report.

Outcomes evaluation is an essential component of this award. The reports must be in a format specified by the AASM Foundation Reports and include an accounting of how award funds were spent during the reporting period and an update on how funding may be secured for the fellowship position the following training year.